Let it Rip

December 22, 2007

OK, so the Blog is set. The general idea is to make folks “Think”. Let’s start by looking closely at this time of year and looking around at how much we all have … then look at some of the 3rd world countries and the way people exist there. Is it any wonder that they strive to emigrate to places like the USA and Canada.

I once thought about emigrating to England from Canada… that was a very long time ago. I often wonder what life would have been like.

How about the folks caught up in the Sub-Prime crisis. If you don’t think it is a crisis just ask someone who is loosing their home to it. Chances are they wouldn’t have qualified to be in the home were it not for the Sub Prime system, but it still hurts the same when you are loosing your home.

Many others are being or will be effected in their pension funds. That’s a real hit. Many are too old to recuperate their losses before they do retire unless they work longer, giving up years that should have been spent traveling or golfing.

For the first time, my wife and I have traveled South to Arizona for the winter ( 3 months of it anyway). We are in the Phoenix area, Peoria to be precise.

Luke Air force Base is not too far away and the jets are always flying overhead. I was walking the dog yesterday and spoke to a fellow for a while, as we did so some jets flew over head. He says “You know some people complain about those jets flying over all the time…. You know what I tell them?”

No says I; what do you tell them?”

“I tell them “Thank God They’re Ours”. is what I tell them.”

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