As you know I am not an American, just a visitor from “The Cold Country”. But since I am here in Arizona I can’t help but read about and listen to talk of the new legislation coming into effect on January 1, 2008.

The “Legal Arizona Workers Act” prohibits employers from knowingly employing unauthorized aliens. It requires the Attorney General and county Attorney to investigate complaints about employers who hire unauthorized aliens.It makes it unlawful for a person to file false and frivolous complaints against an employer. If an employer knowingly employs an unauthorized alien, the act requires that the employer’s business license be permanently revoked. It requires employers to verify their employees through a free federal basic pilot program. the act makes it a crime to take the identity of another to obtain employment.

Now this might sound like strong legislation to keep employers in line with stiff penalties to any who run afoul of the law. But do you really think that is what will really happen? Do you honestly believe that Arizona employers will cease using illegal workers and pay more to legal workers. OK, if you believe that, do you think these same employers are going to bite the bullet on the increased labor costs and NOT pass it on to the end user?

Come January 1, 2008 if your landscaper or the landscaper your HOA pays to look after your condo common area doesn’t ask for an increase to offset his labor costs, either he was never using illegal workers or he is still using them and it would likely be the workers who will suffer. Look at other places that traditionally have used the illegal workers. Are they still there?

It stands to reason that competition will remain high in these areas with small profit margins. Chances are that many employers will take advantage of this situation and lay the problem back on the workers. If the illegal worker wishes to continue to work for the employer it will have to be a strictly cash deal.It will be at a lesser rate due to the increased risk the employer is now taking hiring the person.THere will now be more illegal workers to choose from because some employers will have let their illegal workers go.

So who will take the brunt of this legislation? Do you really think the illegal workers will high tail it back to their country of origin? Or do you expect that things will carry on as they always have? Is that why nobody has really challenged this new law? Does no one really want to know too much about it except that “It will Secure Our Borders”?

This is a great Country. The people are wonderful. In my opinion it is time to do something permanent and positive to fix the illegal worker problem in Arizona and all other states. Just imagine how grateful and dedicated these people would be if allowed to be a full part of America.

Just my thoughts. I’m just a visitor from The Cold Country making an observation.

Bye the way.. Merry Christmas to All!

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