Good News, Bad News!

January 21, 2008

The markets are taking a dive, The Canadian dollar is below 97 cents and I had to replace two tires on my truck. But where there is “Bad News” there is always some “Good News”. So here is some of mine.

Good News: We have had one of the most relaxing and enjoyable times of our life.
Bad News: It’s almost over.

Good News: The weather is in the mid 60s and will be until we leave.
Bad News: We have to leave it behind.

Good News: You can buy a brand new home with a pool here for as low as $130,000 USD
Bad News: We didn’t buy one (This year).

Good News: We had lots of Great company while we’ve been here. Colleen’s brother Darryle was here for a few days just after we arrived. He picked up a deal on a truck, spent a few days, ate some “Feathers” and headed home.

Gary and Cheryl, friends from Salmon Arm, were next and came for a few days before Christmas. We went to Sedona, Casa Grande, Old Tucson and an evening at the “Dinner Theatre”. We had a wonderful time and I learned how to make Margarrettas. During their stay we looked at a couple of condos here in Westbrook Village, a great and safe place to be.

Steve and Jane came for New Years with Lanae and Mackey. We had some great times, lots of laughs, did a bit of shopping and brought in 2008 Arizona Style, In the Hot Tub. Steve and Jane made a side trip to the OK Coral at Tombstone and to the Kartchner Caverns near Benson.

Lou and John, also from Calgary flew in for an extra long weekend in early January and we all went “House Hunting” in Maricopa. It is without a doubt that we saw a lot of homes, some that stop you dead. I know that this will not be the last time they visit the area.
Bad News: There are still a lot of people we would have liked to have come for a visit but couldn’t make it. My brother, Jim was actually in Mesa over New Years but we just couldn’t fit a visit in, just too little time. He and his wife, Sharron, were also checking out the housing market.

Good News: Oscar was with us every step of the way. He likes House Hunting.
Bad News: He’s not looking forward to the trip home.

Good News: We have had a ball. We have met some very nice people, seen some tremendous scenery, have lots of memories to take back with us. And now, I am suppose to put a “Bad News” spot here…. but in a couple of days we will be heading home. And going Home can never be a bad thing. Home is where we live, where people know we will be. Arizona will always be a “Travel Destination” even if some day we make a purchase here. We are still Canadians.

So, let the markets do their thing, The Canadian dollar has been great at par, My truck is ready to roll and by the end of the month I will be watching it snow in The Shuswap. Life is Grand.

Just something I thought you should know.

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