Tristan’s Easter

March 23, 2008

For Christians everywhere Easter is a time to remember the Crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. And so it is even with small children. However, children also know another secret… The Easter Bunny and Easter eggs.

Here in the Blind Bay/ Sorrento area, we have a wonderful tradition sponored by the Sorrento Lion’s club, held at the Sorrento/Blind Bay Lion’s Club Park. Everyone gathers at 11:00 am Easter Sunday for the biggest Easter egg hunt in the Columbia Shuswap District.

Starting with children under 5, they head out into the field and near by woods in search of Easter eggs. There are thousands of little chocolate eggs hidden and laying about in plain view so that even the smallest tike will fill their basket in record time. But the most valued prize is to find a numbered plastic egg. These can be exchanged at the main tent for a “Large” sized Rabbit, ears and all.

This year we ventured out. My wife and I, a daughter, a daughter-in-law and five eager grandchildren. With the exception of Kaleb who is just coming up two month old, they all knew the challenge. “Get out first, pick-up eggs and keep moving”. If they followed this rule they just couldn’t loose … however some people are destined to shoot for the stars… and so it was with Tristan.

If you haven’t met Tristan yet, he is a bright six year old boy with the heart of a Lion. He loves his sister Katie, his mom and dad and spending time with his Grama and Grandpa and most of all he loves a challenge. Last year while collecting eggs Tristan learned about the numbered plastic eggs and set his sites on getting his own this year. Tristan has been planning strategies to make this day a success. The day had finnaly arrived and Tristan was ready.

As we all ventured to the start line something was missing….. All the kids had baskets to gather their eggs…. everyone except Tristan that is. He explained that he didn’t need a basket, because he was going after the big prize a “numbered plastic egg” and could carry it with out a basket.

When the announcer started the egg hunt, the kids were on their way. A virtual “herd” of boys and girls running, stooping, picking up eggs and moving on. Coloured eggs began to gather in their baskets and the baskets were getting heavier.

Tristan on the other hand, with his plan set in stone headed straight for the wooded area where he knew the numbered plastic eggs would be. He check behind, around, under and in trees, behind logs, rocks and under snow. Now there were other kids coming into the woods to search for the numbered plastic eggs. Tristan intensified his search. He could hear other kids squealing with delight as they found a numbered plastic egg.

Tristan was still searching when his mom found him and gave him a big hug. The hunt was over and Tristan had not found his prize. When he realised what had happened, the tears welled in his eyes. The sight was heart wrenching. Tristan was brave, but you could see the pain in his face. He had gone for broke on finding the numbered plastic egg and had not collected any little chocolate eggs.

Katie shared her eggs with Tristan as did Haris and Isaiah, but that didn’t make things any better. It wasn’t the chocolate that Tristan wanted, it was the recognition for capturing one of those elusive numbered plastic eggs that he wanted.

Had Tristan found his numbered platic egg, he thought he would have an Easter that would be remembered. He doesn’t understand it yet, but he has created a memory and a story of an Easter egg hunt, that will be remembered and told longer and by more people than if he had succeeded in finding his treasure. When Tristan has children they will hear the story. And his kids will pass it along to thier kids. He has made a place for himself in Family lore.

Now the moral to this story is Not the adage “Don’t put all Your Eggs in One Basket”
The moral to this story is “Get some chocolate eggs in your Basket before you look for a numbered plastic egg”.

Just something I thought you should know.

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