I get really upset when I hear people twisting facts, using buzz words that fool people and trying to scaring these same people into thinking the Canadian style of health care is a bad thing. Hell they even have some Canadians in their ads telling of horrendous treatment (or lack of treatment) received under the Canadian system.

They don’t want the government to “come between you and your doctor”, but it’s OK for an Insurance company to come between you and your doctor. Does that make sense? Insurance companies do not provide health care. They are not interested in making Americans healthy. They are interested in profit, bottom lines and keeping Americans paying high premiums. The government, on the other hand, as bad as they do some things, is actually suppose to be looking after the interests of the people. Some politicians may screw that up, but that is the way it is suppose to be.

People talk about waiting lines in Canada for surgeries. These are for “elective surgeries” not life threatening surgeries needed right now. The reason for the waits ….? Easy…. because all Canadians are eligible to have their health care needs tended to. Not just the rich and spoiled people who would deny the rest of their citizens from receiving relief from pain or cured from disease just so they won’t have to wait so long for hip replacement and they can get back out on the golf course.

I go to bed every night without having to worry about weather my family could survive financially should a health crisis befall our family. I go to the doctor of my choice and make all decisions regarding my health without cost considerations blocking those decisions.

I travel, as many Canadians do, to the USA during the winter months. I pay less for supplemental insurance for a 6 month period than many Americans pay for a single month just to keep their family insured. Why you ask? Because the basic Canadian health care system will cover your needs up to their normal Canadian limits. Obviously that in it’s self is pretty good.

You will find some Canadians that will cry about the system in Canada, but you will never see them leaving Canada with out getting coverage to match what they get in Canada.

Trust me! The Canadian system of health care, with all it’s troubles, is still a great system. One I would not want to be without.

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