Michael Vicks is loose. Hide your dogs. Michael Vicks is free again and about to re-start his career in the NFL. Vicks claims regret and shame about his participation and bankrolling “Dog Fighting” events that led to the torture and deaths of many helpless K-9.
Is Vicks sorry? Yes he’s sorry. He’s sorry he got caught and sorry it interrupted his lucrative football career. The NFL should hang it’s head in shame. Money, being the root of all evil, will prevail in this miscarriage of human dignity.
It matters not that Michael Vicks has been gifted with a talent that few others could ever dream of. Another O.J. Simpson with great talent and no character or sense of human values. He just doesn’t warrant another chance. Vicks was idolized by young boys and millions of Americans. He needed to set an example for these folks and failed drastically.
A person who has the lack of compassion for an animal one day does not gain compassion from sitting in a jail cell for a couple of years. That lack of compassion lasts a lifetime. Michael Vicks will be on 60 Minutes tonight pleading his case. I hope people can see through it and voice their opinion vocally when he runs onto the field. Personally, I would get up and leave.
Eagle fans, this is your chance to speak up and have them re-think their decision to don their jersey.
Click HERE and send an email letting them know of your disgust.
MORE on Michael Vicks Dog Fighting …… CLICK HERE
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