I Lost a Friend

August 20, 2009
Late last month I lost a friend. I hadn’t seen him in a very long time. The week before, my wife and I had talked about inviting him to come for a visit. We should have followed through. I can never have that visit now.
I knew my friend for over thirty years. I first met him when working at the “Old” Fort. Though small in stature he was big in heart and had a seemingly endless smile and laugh. Those were the old days. The years have been good to many and not so good to others. I wish I had been there.
It used to be there were places to turn to; The Union had Ian Hay, the Department had the Diagnostic and referral Unit and we had each other. In an occupation surrounded with workers trained in spotting these things, how could we all have missed it?
I’m going to miss that strong French accent that came at you so quickly that it could leave you stymied. I’m going to miss watching someone eat “Mashed potatoes & Mustard”. I’m going to miss just knowing that I can pick up the phone and call….

Au revoir Mon ami

? ? ? ? ? ?

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