Shake Hands with The Devil

August 20, 2009
The man convicted of killing 270 people by blowing up a Pan Am passenger plane in 1988 is free after serving only 8 years of a life sentence. As he boarded the plane destined for his home in Libya he casually shook hands with Scottish officials and security people.
Abdul beset Ali Mohmed al Megrahi is the only person ever convicted of the bombing and sends a very wrong message to the world. Among those killed were 189 Americans. The White House says it “deeply regrets” the release of al Megrahi. I bet it does, as do the families of those killed in the bombing.

What madness is this that would free this “Devil” on compassionate grounds because he is dying of terminal cancer? Where was his compassion for the victims of the bombing? They became “Terminal” instantly with no recourse or appeal.
The United Kingdom has a prisoner exchange agreement that they failed to use, opting instead to simply release the Devil. It stinks of oil, which is suspected by many as the reason for the release.
But for officials to “Shake Hands” with this Devil is beyond belief and disgusting.
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