I enjoy getting up early in the morning and watching Heidi Collins tell me what has happened over night. I enjoy watching Kyra Phillips, Don Lemon, T.J. Homes, Betty Nguyen, Fredricka Whitfield and Rick Sanchez keep me up to date with all the latest happenings through out the day.

And then, when folks are starting to get off work on the East coast, Wolf Blitzer and the “Situation Room” take to the air followed by Lou Dobbs Tonight” Campbell Brown, “Larry King Live” and “Anderson Cooper 360”.

It sounds like quite a line up doesn’t it? But have you noticed anything just a little bit abnormal about the line up of the cast or titles? Neither did I for a long long time. Look again. Don’t see it yet? O.K. I’ll tell you what, to me, appears a wee bit of racist/gender bias goings on.

Notice that all of the morning and early afternoon anchors and reporters are either female or people of colour (with the exception of the weather man). But come time for Americans (and Canadians) to come home from work the “Head Liners” hit the air waves. They all have show titles like Larry King “LIVE” Anderson Cooper “360”, Lou Dobbs “TONIGHT” and of course Wolf Blitzer has the “SITUATION ROOM”. The only anomaly is Campbell Brown, who of course is a female.

And then Anderson Cooper, Lou Dobbs and Larry King repeat their broadcasts through out the night. Now they do have the “American Morning” show that they describe as:

“CNN’s flagship morning program, anchored by John Roberts and Kiran Chetry, presents the latest breaking news and developments each weekday. Also reporting are a team of correspondents including Jim Acosta, Jason Carroll, Alina Cho, Carol Costello, Lola Ogunnaike and Christine Romans.”

This show is anchored by both a white male and a white female with a myriad of reporters and so I guess that lets them off the hook. Or does it? Look a little closer. Do the people of colour and the females out number the “Good Old Boys”

Discrimination can be a very subtle thing. Perhaps I am out in left field on this one ……… but I think not.


  • Sandy says:

    CBC all the way. Just me being Canadian again

  • Carol says:

    IMO … if you want to see "equal opportunity employment" in broadcasting … watch the CBC or BBC.

    Plus, the CBC and BBC get their facts straight first and don't just rush to be first out the gate with "something" … which later has to be revised, amended or at times … "called back".