Where’s The Bitch?

September 9, 2009

In looking at the case in Quebec, involving the death of a wheelchair-bound woman killed by a Drunk driver, it begs the question “Where’s the Bitch?”.

The “Bitch” or “Habitual Criminal Act” was a resource the courts had in days gone by. It was used by the courts to impose “preventive detention”. Now that’s a novel term, “Preventive Detention”. It almost sounds like someone might be detained to prevent them from committing further crimes against society. What a quaint idea! I wonder if it would really deter potential criminals. You’re damn right it deterred criminals and those that it didn’t deter were locked away for “preventive” reasons.

Imagine finding the Drunk driver, Roger Walsh, who has 18 previous convictions for related offenses and a total of 114 criminal convictions, to be an habitual criminal and Sentencing him to an indeterminate term in the penitentiary under the provisions of s. 660 of the Criminal Code. Bye Bye Roger, watch your fingers (Clang!) And that would be the end of him. Now suppose we had done that after his 18th conviction for drunk driving. His victim would still be alive.

However the Habitual Criminal act went the way of the Dodo bird, when it was decided that Canadian citizens were not as important as Canadian criminals. It was decided years and years ago to replace the Habitual Criminal designation with the “Dangerous Offender” label. This label is only currently used for the most serious and vile criminals amongst us like murderers, rapists and child molesters (in some cases). It too has been watered down in recent years from an indefinite stay at the “Big House” to a term of 20 years followed by 10 years of close supervision. What a joke!

Now, in the case of Roger Walsh who has now taken a life due to his criminal life style, perhaps we could consider him a “Dangerous Offender”. But that would make every other killer and rapist in the country eligible for the same designation and that would water it all down. And 1st degree murderers are already expected to serve a minimum of 25 years in prison before parole. Labeling them dangerous offenders may give them an early parole shot at 20 years somewhere down the line. Sound far fetched? Trust me. It is things like this that keep lawyers busy and the courts crowded arguing the “merits of each case”, while passing the costs down to the tax payers. No! We need the Bitch back.

Drop your Member of Parliament a line and ask him/her what their position is on bringing back the Bitch.

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