“You’re Welcome”

September 13, 2009

The response to a “Thank You” has always been “You’re Welcome”. So why then, when you thank a cashier at Macdonald’s for your order, would she say “No Problem”? Why would the cashier at a Tim Horton’s respond with a “Sure”. Have I missed something?

I don’t mean to nit pick. I understand that “Times, They are a Changing”. Heck, I am used to seeing young girls and women sporting tattoos that make mine look like something painted on with water colors. I am getting used to the body piercing .. well most of it anyway. I can handle the nose piercing and the ear jewelry, but I don’t think I will ever be able to stand and talk to someone with lip, eye or tongue piercing. Sorry, that is where I turn and walk out.

Getting back to the response to thank you ……. If I had even dreamed that I would be creating a problem for someone by ordering food at a fast food establishment, I would not have entered their building. As for “Sure”…. What the hell does that mean? Sure what? Sure been nice having you here? Sure is nice outside? I guess I miss out on “Sure”.

I’m not a great fan of Macdonald’s at any time but, Have you tried their Angus Burger with Bacon & Cheddar? Wow! They are great! Will I go back to Macdonald’s to get one? Sure!

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