I never used to be much of a football fan. I sometimes watched the Grey Cup at the end of the season, but only sometimes. That is until my grandson, Isaiah, took up the sport last year. Now I am an avid fan and listen closely when he tells me about the sport. This year, Isaiah plays for the Stampeders in the Bantam League.

In October, my wife and I travelled to Calgary to take in one of his games. It was colder than ….. Well you know … It was damn cold. But the game was as exciting as you could ever imagine. It wasn’t until the last few seconds of the final quarter that the Stamps pulled off a play that secured the win for them. It was awesome to see Isaiah out there playing like a “Pro”.

Well, since that game in October they have gone on to win not only their division but yesterday, November 7th the Stampeders took the “City Championship”. And guess who scored the winning touchdown. Next week it is on to the Southern Alberta game and then, if all goes according to plan, to the Provincial finals in Edmonton and then to the Nationals in Kelowna.

The “Nationals” are still down the road, but I am sure Isaiah and the Stampeders will be putting their heart and soul into getting there. But for now the glory of being “City Champs” is all yours guys. Congratulations team…. Go Get ‘Em!

Isaiah, Great game Buddy! We are all so very proud. 

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