Is it fair

November 12, 2009

The other night I watched on television as a young man attempted to break his own record in a food eating contest. He didn’t quite break his record, but he did manage to vaporize 50 baseball sized meatballs in just 10 minutes.

The food covered his lips and cheeks. He used his hands to stuff the meatballs in and the drank/spilled copious amounts of water to wash the sludge down his bloated throat. And people in the sidelines cheered him on.

As I flicked through the channels I also came across a program exhorting people to contribute to their organization to help the starving people of the world. It showed pictures and video clips of children emaciated and starving with pitiful looks in their eyes. Some, knowing that this will be their last day on this earth before their maker takes them home. Many of these kids have never know a sense of fullness, a lack of hunger pains.

Other pictures show adults barley able to walk, so skinny that they compare to victims of Auschwitz. Many of these people stand in long lines waiting for meager handouts of rice, supplied usually by the same western countries that enjoy the food eating contests. It is a mighty gesture that the West provides this food. But it is not enough.

True philantropists do not give meagerly and then show off their wealth in pompous ways. They try to live a normal life and still provide for the needy. You aren’t likely to see Bill Gates, Warren Buffet or Oprah Winfrey sitting down to a pie eating contest.

So here is my challenge to those that wish to enjoy the sport of food eating contests. Lets swap the meatballs/chicken wings/pie/hot dogs or what ever else you are using as a measure and instead use bowels of plain rice and send the equivillent money that would have been spent on the other “Luxury” foods to the people who really need it. This will surely be a much greater challenge, and something I would enjoy watching..

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