I remember Leo

November 18, 2009

During a career or a life time everyone has moments, people or events that they will always remember. They remember them fondly or with contempt. In my case, one of the people I remember meeting for the first time is Leo Teskey, and it isn’t fondly.

Teskey was baby faced and still in his teens in 1988, when the Sally Port door closed behind him at the Edmonton Remand Centre. He had just shot a cop in the back of the head. A nice start to his adult career.

I didn’t expect Teskey to last long in general population. His baby face and his age were sure to land him in protective custody in no time. But that didn’t happen. Perhaps, even back then, the other offenders could sense his violent tendencies and left him alone.

It took only moments for Teskey to start breaking rules. Rules were not for him. It would usually be something so minor that it would go unnoticed. These small infractions would mount until when finally caught he would have several. We started watching him like a hawk.

Teskey not only liked to break the rules, but had to be different. He wouldn’t drink out of a regular cup like all the other offenders. He had to make a special one of Styrofoam. Larger than the others. One that set him apart from his peers. He would wear his clothing different, sometimes modifying it to suit his wants. He just had to be different.

In an effort to keep Tekey’s contraband and influence on other offenders to a minimum, we would move him from one unit to another every week or two, stopping him along the way and lightening his load of “personal item” he had collected.

Teskey’s demeanor and attitude, even back then, held no secret that he would be a curse to society and a parasite to the world. He had a juvenile record and was well on his way to an infamous adult career.

In 1992, he almost tore the penis off a toddler he was babysitting. In 2000, he brutally beat 63-year-old Dougald Miller and left him an invalid. He has a total of 37 convictions to his name and has been declared a dangerous offender. He has been sentenced to an indefinate term and could and should remain behind bars for the rest of his natural life. But we all know that won’t happen.

Even now, Teskey has legal representation paid for by you and me attempting to get this parasite back on the streets so that he can continue destroying lives. And when that happens, remember these words of warning.

What can you do to ensure Teskey stays behind bars? ……I don’t really know that there is anything you can do. The Judges have been advised, Parole board are aware, Corrections Canada knows him well….. No, I don’t see anything else we can do…. but someday, if he dosen’t get killed in prison, Teskey will walk the streets again. That I am sure of.

Oh yes…… I remember Leo well….

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