What time is it?

November 24, 2009

Have you ever noticed that they are few if any clocks in public airports? I hadn’t noticed this anomaly until it was brought to my attention this weekend. infra_airport

I have travel by air to various cities in the US and Europe. I have managed to catch my plane without being late even once. I am usually quite early when it comes to travelling. I know they aren’t going to wait for little old me. But I never noticed the lack of clocks.

Now there may be clocks at some airports. I’m sure there are. But this past weekend my wife traveled to Calgary from Phoenix and forgot her watch. She had quite a bit of time on her hands, which actually means wanting to know what time it is a lot. Without a watch, she started looking for a clock. Couldn’t find one. Not a clock in site in the Phoenix airport. Of course if you go up to the “Arrival/Departure” screens you can get the time, but no clocks.

While waiting at the Calgary airport waiting to return to Phoenix (she’s quite a Jetsetter) she noticed the same thing. A lack of clocks. When she mentioned this to me I thought it over and you know, I don’t ever remember seeing a clock in an airport.

Monday night and it was time for me to pick her up at the airport and wouldn’t you know it, I forgot my watch. It isn’t as obvious to anyone who is wearing a watch at an airport, but when you aren’t wearing one it is as obvious as all get out. I had my cell phone and I could check it for the time …… and everyone seems to get bye without a bunch of clocks in the airport, but it is just something I expected to be there.

When a person gets off a plane in a new city and walks into the terminal, it would be nice to be able to just look up and see what the local time is.

The moral to this story ……..if there has to be one ………. Don’t leave home without it ….. Your watch that is.

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