Tiger and The Queen:

December 6, 2009

In recent days we have been hearing the same thing from both Tiger Wood and of all people, The Queen of England. They are both saying that their private lives are private and not for public display.Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth II has gone so far as to “Warn” the paparazzi and the press not to publish any unauthorized photos of the Royal family at home.

The Royal family, from birth to the grave are public figures. They are well compensated for the inconveniences they endure. They live in luxury and splendour surrounded with people waiting on them hand and foot. They, on a personal level, produce very little, if anything of monetary value. Any finances they now have can be tracked back to the tax payers of Great Britain.

For the Queen to say that I am yours to envy and adore during only certain hours is ludicrous at the very least. If the Queen, or any of her descendants, now or in the future want private lives then they should exit the stage of “Royalty”, leaving all of the trappings behind them. Get a regular job, apartment, pension plan and everything else that goes with being a “private citizen”. Don’t expect to see any rush of royals at the gates of Buckingham Palace trying to get out.

As for Tiger…. Tiger is a professional golfer. Nothing more and nothing less. A very good golfer mind you, but let’s face it. He hits a little white ball around a very big patch of green grass all day long and gets paid Extremely well for doing it as well as he does.tiger-woods

Now Tiger isn’t Royalty. Maybe in the golf world he is very close to royalty, but not actual royalty. Tiger and his media people believe that we should only be interested in Tiger when he is on the golf course and behaving himself. Well Tiger has a great deal of money coming in from not only golf and golf products, but clothing and other items that can and do come into the lives of many.

I’m afraid Tiger, if you expect to make the kind of living you do, playing the game you like to play, you are going to have to suck up the bad media too. I know that marital things should be kept between a man and his wife ……… I think you are aware of that now too.

Anyway, that is how I feel about the matter. Privacy is for those that do not want the spot light. The spot light doesn’t come with a switch…

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