There is something happening on the highways and byways of our country that needs addressed immediately.texting-while-driving

Last week as I drove to town I came across a head on collision. End result: 5 dead. Mother and daughter in an SUV and a mother, daughter and son dead in a mini-van. Cause of accident? The mother who lost her life as well as her two kids’ lives was answering a text message.

What text message could possibly be worth risking your life, the lives of your loved ones and the lives of other people on the streets? Sorry, I just can’t think of any. Can you?

The incidents of Drinking and Driving are finally coming down. It is not sociably acceptable, as it once was decades ago. Many people drove after consuming more than they should have. I know I did. Many were fortunate to have gotten away with it. Others were not so lucky. Some were prosecuted and paid fines or were sent to jail. Others killed or maimed people and possibly themselves. It took years for drinking while impaired to become an antisocial activity. The numbers are finally coming down.

But you know, I have more understanding for a person getting behind the wheel after having too much to drink than I have for a person texting while driving. A person driving while impaired makes the decision to do so while their faculties are diminished. A person who texts while driving does so with all of their faculties in tact (except the common sense one). It is a conscious decision they make every time they pick up the cell phone. “I think I will take my eyes off or the road for a while and answer/text my spouse/friend right now, because it is more important to me than my safety, the safety of those in my vehicle or anyone else in the world. I am the World’s best driver so I’m allowed to do this”  What a bone head!

A person’s vision after drinking can be blurred and not 100%. A person texting has NO vision of the road while they are staring at their cell phone. They see nothing but the little letters in front of them and are busy figuring out how to make words out of them. Important words like “Where R U?”, What’s 4 Supper”?, I’m coming home now”, “Do we need bread?” and “See U soon”. Give me a break!

I am not trying to make excuses for the person who drives while under the influence. On the contrary, I am trying to make the case that texting is as dangerous if not more dangerous than driving while impaired and should be treated exactly the same.

Remember, some impaired drivers are alcoholics and suffer from a disease. The only disease that driver who text while driving suffer from is a sever case of negligence and stupidity.

The next time you see a person texting while driving, especially if you are in the same car, let them know in no uncertain terms that their activity is not acceptable by anyone’s standard. And then get out of the car and call a cab.


  • Bruce says:

    Talking is one thing ….$280.00 is a good start , but TEXTING? Clap them in Irons, I say!

  • Sandy Lipp says:

    Well, we in Saskatechewan have already figured this out and starting January 1/2010 there will be a fine of $280.00 if found to be using your cell phone while driving. Not only texting causes accidents but also talking on your phone because at that time you are not fully focused on the road and task at hand.