Isn’t it strange how a person adapts to their environment. When in Rome do as the Romans etc. image

For the past two years now, as soon as my feet cross the US boarder my mind swings into football mode. NFL football of course. Being that our winters are spent in Arizona, it was a no brainer to be an Arizona Cardinal fan.

Last year the Cardinal were a “Cinderella” team, coming from nowhere with absolutely nobody giving them a hope in hell of even making it to the playoffs. And then the miracle started happening. Great team after great team fell to the prowess of the Arizona Cardinals until there was only one left. The Pittsburgh Steelers.

The game was hard fought and in the dying minutes of the game the Arizona Cardinals looked to be clinching the game and then …………………. disaster and a gnashing of teeth as the Pittsburgh Steelers stole victory out of the mouths of the Cardinals. my heart hit the floor and I knew the feeling of a sports fan whose team had just suffered defeat. I was hooked forever.

This year the Cardinals have continued the saga. They have played brilliantly and are once again in the playoffs. Yesterday, in their first game they put the infamous Green Bay Packers on vacation and next week they will be in New Orleans giving the Saints the time off they need to attend Mari Gras.

I intend to watch each and every game. So if the Cardinals are playing on either Saturday or Sunday, please hold all calls until the game is over. Better yet, tune in yourself and then we can discuss the virtues of Warner, Hightower, Fitzgerald and the rest of the boys.

Go get em Cards!

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