In the midst of the worst recession since the Great Depression and while involved in two wars in far off lands, the United States once again shows the leadership and compassion it has been know for.Haiti-USA-Flag

The tiny, impoverished country of Haiti certainly did not need or deserve a natural disaster, especially one of this magnitude. With tens of thousands dead, infrastructure collapsed and hundreds of thousands injured and homeless Haiti became the focal point of the world.

It would take time for many countries to organize aid to the devastated country. It would take money, supplies, medicine and food, which had to be gathered. It would also take trained personnel to search for survivors amid the rubble that was Haiti.

But one country was close enough,strong enough and had the resources to be there in the blink of an eye. The United States took on the lead role and had troops, ships and aid on the way to Haiti almost before the ground stopped shaking.

You may not agree with their style of politics. You may not like their involvement in other countries. You may argue about trade deals and you may curse all of the American content in your television programming …… but if your house ever falls down, if the rivers run over you or your land goes barren, that Great Big Neighbour to our South will be there to give you a hand. That you can take to the bank.

Haiti has a very long way to recovery. Governments from around the world are currently in Haiti pulling them from the rubble and trying to restore a sense of normalcy to the tiny country. But I hope they do much more. Haiti has a horrific history. From slavery to dictators and poverty the people have never had even a glimpse of “The good life”. I hope that some countries will stay and help the Haitians rebuild, but not just to the level it was. Haiti needs to be brought out of poverty and that will take time, education, resourses and money. I wonder what country will lead the way in that kind of recovery. Any guesses?

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