What should we Believe?

June 3, 2010

Have you noticed that every decade or so something comes along that is so scary that our minds go into neutral and we follow the media and our governments lead like sheep? I think it is deemed necessary to give us these scares for a couple of reasons. Money, control and to divert attention from more serious matters. Let’s look back just a few decades to see how this has worked.

Do you remember the oil embargos from the 70’s? They lead to long line ups for gasoline in the United States and elsewhere. Was there really a shortage of oil and oil products that was so severe that it could bring the citizens of the United States to their knees? This happened in 1973 as well as 1979. In 1973 it was because of the US decision to support and re-supply Israel in the Yom Kippur War. In 1979 it occurred as a result of the Iranian Revolution. In both cases Americans and others saw gas prices spike and line-ups at the gas stations. Both oil shortages were short lived but served their purpose. They instilled in Americans the need for their involvement in the Middle East and faith in the government of the time to guide them through the crisis.

In the later half of the 1990’s the “Buzz Word” and “Scare Word” that made absolute fortunes for some was “Y2K”. The message was that we must all fear the coming of the year 2000. Computers were not created to go beyond the date 1999. What to do! What to do! Look out! Y2K is coming …….. get ready ……. “BUY the solution here” …. Back-up every computer in the world …. Don’t let Y2K get you …. On and On it went, literally for years.

I spent New Years with my wife and a group of friends and relatives in Great Falls Montana. The day before New Years we did some shopping in Sports stores and hardware stores. There wasn’t a gun to be had, no ammunition in stock and all the generators had been sold. Grocery stores had seen a remarkable jump in sales the week before and it seemed like everyone was ready to meet the dreaded Y2K head on. What a joke! What a very very expensive joke!

Do you mean to tell me that the government couldn’t figure out that there was no danger of the coming of the year 2000, that computers would work just fine, that nobody had bothered to move the date on their computer forward to see what would happen? Is that what you’re telling me. In fact governments around the world were backing up all of their computers in preparation for the coming fiasco. Of course this spurred the sales of CD burners, which were fairly new on the scene at the time and only cost around 300-400 dollars each.

A lot of people spent a lot of money and put their trust in the government once again to see them through a world wide catastrophe. A catastrophe that never came. How could we all be so blind?

And then along comes 2009 bringing with it the dreaded H1N1 virus that would reek havoc in the world and killed up to 30% of the population. Hurry folks tell your government to help you! Get that vaccine supply in and start inoculating the public. The World Health Organization (WHO) confirms we are at stage 6 and the pandemic is here …………….. fear! fear! we must all be in fear ……… trust your government! trust your government …… forgive them for the financial crisis from last year and trust your government again….. fear! fear! What a bunch of #@$% &.

And now ….. while we watch the greatest ecological disaster in history unfold before us the government does nothing. They don’t organize the people, they don’t mitigate the effects, they simply spout the “Trust Us! We’re in Charge! We will Save You!” crap we have heard for decades and decades. Why should we believe them now? What has any government done lately to garner my trust.

The clean up that is supposedly going on in the Gulf is a joke. When seen on the news it comprises of 2, 4 or maybe 6 people in “Clean” HASMAT suits gently stroking bull rushes or shovelling a couple of pieces of gooey oil into a plastic bag. There have been over 34 MILLION gallons oil that has been leaked into the Gulf.

I is my opinion that come Christmas the oil will still be flowing into the Gulf and that there will be little more happening with the clean up. I am not sure that this well will ever be caped. But that is only my opinion and My Two Cents on the matter. I sincerely hope I am wrong.

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