Protesters or Anarchists!

June 27, 2010

Can you tell a “Protester” from an “Anarchist”? Protesters-2 Do protesters have a responsibility to restrain anarchists? Do “Labour” groups want to share the stage with these criminals?

I watched yesterday morning and listened to Ken Georgetti, President of the Canadian Labour Congress, speak to the media and speak of a peaceful demonstration. The CLC along with groups such as the Ontario Federation of Labour, the Council of Canadians, Greenpeace, Oxfam, and the Canadian Federation of Students had planned a legitimate demonstration to protest and demonstrate and get their message across to the G-8/G-20 participants. The peacefulness soon left.

It is a democratic right of all Canadians to assemble and protest issues or concerns held by a group. But where there is a “Right” there is a “Responsibility”. If a group organizes a demonstration or protest they have an obligation to the citizens and community in which they wish to conduct their demonstration or protest.

I watched in anger as the turmoil unfolded before our eyes. I watched a group of Anarchists assume control of the demonstration and reek havoc on a Canadian city and it’s citizens, shop owners and police force.

When I watch these arrogant, know it all deviants take control of a peaceful demonstration it leaves me wondering why the organizers of the demonstration allow them to do so.Protesters Would it not be in their interest to grab these criminals by the scruff of the neck and turn them over to waiting police?  Would it be too much to ask to have you monitor and control your demonstration? The “Bad Guys” are easy to identify and distinguish from a legitimate protester. After all they dress and undress into their black garb right before your eyes.

The actions of these so call anarchists have shocked Canadians. We live a very sheltered life here in Canada. The anarchists have been disrupting and taking over demonstrations and protests all over the world for years. For the most part they are not Canadians (although many of these were). These people are world travelers, who should have their passports rescinded by the country of their origin, once convicted of being a part of  such an event.

Canadians have been critical, over the last month, of spending for the security at the Summit

Protesters-3meetings for G-8 and G-20.  I wonder if anyone will now say that two little was spent on security. The police have responded to the protesters in a very restrained manner. They have no wish to stop or impede honest demonstrations and protests. There goal at the present time is to protect the integrity of the Summit meeting and the delegates from around the world. We owe them our thanks and our support. We owe the Anarchists a term of imprisonment.

And what about the “Lookie Lous”? Those that stood about and watched these criminals in action. Taking pictures, giving them their “15 minutes of Fame”. Did they have NO power to stop the destruction? Come on folks! Let’s protect our fellow Canadians a little better that that.

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