The Pilgrim Bowl

November 25, 2010

Today at 10:30 am the Calgary “Select’ team are playing against St. Louis Missouri in their first game of the “Pilgrim Bowl”. Playing Wide Receiver for the Select team will be a young man named Isaiah McLellan, and yes he is my grandson.

Can you imagine the thrill for 14 year old (almost 15) to travel with his team mates to play in an international football tournament? It has to be something else.

But this trip to St. Louis did not come easy. Aside from the expenses and logistics, looked after by the parents, the effort dedication and perseverance put in by Isaiah and his team mates was unbelievable. The selection for the team was made a few weeks ago, prior to the end of their season. They still had play off games to practice for and play. Almost every evening involved one or more practices. Sometimes for the Bantam team and some times for the “Select” team and some evenings for both. Games were played on the weekend.

Isaiah’s Bantam, “Stampeders” team clinched the City Championship in the “B” division and went on to take the Southern Alberta Championship. Three players from the Stampeders were selected from hundreds of other capable players to join and play with the select team in the Pilgrim Bowl.

The team traveled on Tuesday from Calgary to St. Louis stopping over in Dallas Texas. A day of shopping and practicing and then down to brass tacks this morning.

The Schedule and Team Roster looks like this:


Thursday, Nov.25 at 10:30am vs. Matthew Dickie (St. Louis)
Friday, Nov. 26 at 12:30pm vs. Collinsville Raiders
Sunday, Nov.28 at 12:00 noon vs. Belleville Little Knights

Select team roster:
7 Ben Kopczynski QB/WR
9 Spencer Mahura QB/WR
10 Hugh Jones RB
11 Josh Duazo RB
12 Franco Poon RB
20 Tyler Chow RB
21 Micah Teitz DB
22 Andrew Britton DB
24 Jackson McDonough DB
25 Dalton Winkworth DB
32 Jared South LB
34 Kelsey Connick LB
35 Colton Burr LB
42 Patrick Apuzo LB
44 Jordan Chabot LB
50 Billy Wear LB
51 George Saloum DL
54 Sam Dyer DL
55 Carter Nielsen DL
57 Josh Sigurdson DL
58 Zachary Urquhart DL
65 James Gaetz OL
66 Brendan Bray OL
67 Scott VanderBaaren OL
68 Mudiwa Shava OL
75 Tristan Terry OL
77 Trace Stoinski OL
82 Isaiah McLellan WR
85 Alex Cho WR
88 Nathaniel Cross WR/TE
Ron Logan

Dave Rutherford
Head Coach Greg Peterson (off Coord & QB/Rec)
Damon Mair (O-line)
Ian Ashton (R Backs)
Greg Wilson (Def Coord & LB)
Conrad Connick (D-line)
Kevin Kopczynski (D Backs)

I will let you know how the team makes out. But can’t you just imagine the thrill ….?

Good Luck Guys! We are very proud!!


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