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December 27, 2010

The year 2010 may not have been a banner year but it sure beat the hell out of some of the more recent years. In fact since the bursting of the bubble South of the 49th, it is the best year to date, from a financial viewpoint. But what about some of the other events that staked their claim to our attention, at least for a little while during 2010?

The 2010 Olympics have come and gone. They were a great success and a tribute to Canada’s ability to stage such a spectacular event. The world came and fell in love with British Columbia and Canada as a whole. Our athletes did us proud, winning more medals that Canada has seen in a long time, bringing home 14 Gold 7 Silver and  5 Bronze for a total of 26 medals. This finished us in third place over all behind the US and Germany.

Word has it that the Olympic event will be a break even scenario financially, depending on who you hear it from, but hopefully won’t cost the tax payers anything over all.

Although we can see a light at the end of the tunnel financially there were heart stopping moments that came close to putting all lights out. Most recently, North and South Korea have been at lager heads. While they are relatively small in comparison to China, the USA and Russia, they are nuclear and in a position to bring civilization as we know it to an end if they are allowed to get out of hand. It is time that the US and China put their thumbs down hard on these squabbling siblings instead of standing behind them and encouraging them to see how close they can get to the brink of a war which would inevitably turn nuclear.

What ever happened to the Gulf coast wildlife that was drenched in oil? Are they still running into lakes of oil and suffering the consequences of the BP oil leak? What happened to the vast tracks of coastal marsh land that was soaked in oil? Better yet, what happened to the millions of barrels of oil that gushed into the Gulf of Mexico? Have they resumed deep water drilling in the gulf? What safety precautions have been put in place to guarantee there would be no repeat of this kind of disaster? And while BP stock is down from the $62 high for the year it has recouped nicely from it’s $26 low back in June. I wonder who made all the money.

Back in October we saw the dramatic rescue of 39 Chilean miners who had been underground for 69 days. The world sat glued to their televisions waiting, hoping and praying for success. I don’t remember any one story bringing the whole world together showing support for one event.

The spotlight dimmed only a few days after the rescue, unfortunately very few interviews were held and the public and well wishers have been left in the dark ever since. I would imagine there is a book and a movie in the making. It is amazing how giants like CNN, MSNBC, CBC and the rest of them can follow a story so intently and then within minutes be on to something completely different somewhere else in the world.

Christmas has come and gone, the turkey will still make a few more sandwiches and kids are playing with their new toys. Retailers are happy, sales are up 3% over last year and about 10% on-line. The weather has settled down across the North American continent and will allow travelers an easier return trip home. New Years is around the corner waiting to drum out 2010. So although 2010 hasn’t been a banner year by a lot of standards it was a lot better for many that we have had recently.

Happy New Year Everyone!


  • sandy says:

    Is it just me or does the years seem to be moving faster? As with any year 2010 had it’s good and “not so” good memories but I always look forward to see what a new year will bring. Happy New Year everyone!

  • Bruce says:

    Guess I was wrong about the weather. 🙂

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