Bird Skin Boots.

February 3, 2011

There are many different kinds of foot-ware worn by men of all walks of life. I suppose that is because we all have a different road to travel. Some men wear dress shoes while others are more comfortable in a pair of work boots. Some men shine in golf shoes or football cleats. But I have only met one man who has ever worn Bird Skin Boots.

Many years ago, while on a family holiday with my brother-in-law and his family, we took our RVs down to South Dakota. We stopped at places like Sturgis and Deadwood, Mount Rushmore and Rapid City. It was a great vacation filled with a whole lot of memories. One of my fondest memories was when my brother-in-law’s youngest son got a new pair of cowboy boots. They were made of snake skin and looked really cool when he wore them with his shorts. When asked about his boots he referred to them as Bird Skin boots. (A natural mistake for a young boy of 4 years).

As the years went by the little boy played hockey, rode dirt bikes, snowmobiles and eventually Harley Davidson motor cycles. He drove cars, finished school and went right into the work force. He worked hard, bought a house and stood up for his older brother when he got married. He’s one of those guys that always has a smile on his face. Even when he is the the brunt of a joke, he sees the humor and has a smile on his face. He lives for the day and is ready to help anybody that needs his help. He’s grown up to be quite a guy.

But life has a way of putting road blocks in your way when you least expect it. For some, like football and hockey players it can be an injured knee of a torn shoulder that benches them. For a golfer it can be a back injury (or too many mistresses). For a business man it can be bankruptcy for a laborer it can be a strike. In many cases they have to change their foot-wear and travel a different path.

Over the years I have developed a theory that life is like a roller coaster. It has it’s ups and it’s downs. It’s true if you look at it. I find that at times life is going along just great. I have money in the bank, health is good, house is in good repair and the car is almost new. …….. but wait. If you are on top of the world, there is only one way to go. The car gets a little older and starts costing you money so you buy a new one. That leaves your bank account pretty low. All of a sudden the roof needs repaired so you try doing it yourself. You injure your back and are off work for a few month. Bills get left unpaid, the roof can’t be fixed. It needs replaced. All of a sudden you are going down hill so fast you may get a speeding ticket …… but wait if you are at or nearing bottom, there is only one way to go ….. UP. You get back to work, sell the new car and drive a clunker for a while. This allows you to catch up on the bills and pay off the roof. The next thing you know you have a few dollars saved up and you are out shopping for a new car….. but wait … are you getting to the top again ……??

Anyway, back to my story about the young man with the Bird Skin Boots. He recently had a health problem that is going to cause him Not to change his foot-ware, but to walk a little softer. It’s going to take constant effort to get and keep his problem under control. It’s going to take a little planning on what he eats and not falling to temptation (too often).

The Harleys will still be there as will the hot cars and the nights out. The sleds and the parties and most of all your family will be there. And yes there will be the occasional Chocolate pie.

So hang onto those Bird Skin boots young fellow. Your not done with them yet. Not by a long shot. There’s plenty of trails ahead.

Take care Chase, Your one of a kind.

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