Election Fever

March 27, 2011

It’s that time again when the so called opposition parties of Canada line up to take a swipe at the sitting Conservatives in an effort to knock them off of their fragile perch. The Harper government has held power since 2006 ending an era of Liberal debauchery that lasted 13 years.

It’s time once again to listen to Jack Layton babel nonsensically about issues that just don’t fit into the Canadian Psyche and never will. Wake up Jack! The NDP will never be the “Party of Choice” for Canadians.

The Liberals with their “Canadian by Birth” leader who decided that he would grace Canada with his presence in a “I will come and Lead You” gesture has got to be one of the biggest jokes of the decade. Like I really want someone who has absented himself from the Country for decades, paid his taxes to a foreign county, to just waltz in and show me how it’s done.

The Conservatives under Stephen Harper haven’t done so great either. But given the recession and almost depression, fighting a war in Afghanistan and doing it with a minority government, I don’t think they have done all that bad.

The Conservatives, like the Liberals before them would run wild with power if given a majority in the house. The minority government they have had to deal with since day one has held them in check and forced them to negotiate their way through some very tough years. I like it like that.

This election is not about the Liberals or the NDP or the Bloc for that matter riding to the rescue of the Canadian people. No this is about the Liberals, the ND and the Bloc making a run at improving their position in the House. Make no mistake. It’s not about You, it’s about Them.

And just think. The “Think Tank” in Ottawa arranged this all so that it won’t interfere with the “Play Offs”


  • Bruce says:

    Ignatieff is no Pearson. He doesn’t hold a candle to Pearson in my humble opinion and they are “Decades” apart.

    The bottom line is, the only reason we will be trudging to the polls, is so that Ignatieff and Layton can try to improve their seating arrangements in Ottawa.

    Ignatieff, in my opinion, is a “Place Holder” for Justin Trudeau. If Ignatieff is the best they have to fill this job I will wait for the real thing before I rethink Liberal.

  • Carol says:

    Hmm .. biggest joke of the decade, eh .. Lol lol

    Well .. “politics” aside .. Canada’s 14th Prime Minister & Nobel Peace Prize Laureate .. Lester B. Pearson lived outside of Canada for over 20 years and I don’t recall anyone ever holding that against him.

    Pearson studied history at Oxford University .. Ignatieff worked as a historian and author .. and held senior academic posts at Oxford, Cambridge and Harvard.

    And .. both Pearson & Ignatieff served Canada as diplomats when they lived in the UK.

    Our world today is “global” in nature .. and several thousand Canadians currently .. and in the future .. will spend a portion of their careers in governmental postings or holding postions in NGOs, companies or educational institutes outside of Canada.

    In my opinion .. having spent a portion of one’s life outside our country broadens a person’s world vision and should not preclude any Canadian from serving as an MP, Senator or Prime Minister later in their lives.

    Having a leader such as Michael Ignatieff who has experienced the “global lifestyle” is a very postive attribute.

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