Iggy Does it Again!

April 20, 2011

After preaching to Steven Harper about letting democracy bloom by using a cliche from Chairman Moe, the most prolific mass murder in history, even surpassing Hitler, Iggy does it again.

During an interview on Tuesday, Ignatieff said that “if the Governor General wants to call on other parties, or myself, for example, to try and form a government, then we try to form a government.”

It is clear that the ambitions of Ignatieff go beyond his wishes for democracy in Canada. The Canadian people will be trudging to the polls on May 2nd in an election that they didn’t want and one that was not necessary.When the election concludes, unless the Conservatives come away with a majority government, Iggy and the boys will be setting their sights on forming a government with the least desired elements of Canadian politics.

As the polls stand around 82% of Canadians do NOT want the NDP to govern Canada and 72% do NOT want the Liberals to govern Canada. So what makes him think Canadians would want him and his cronies to topple a newly formed minority government after the election and form a government with Ignatieff at the helm?

So how would Iggy accomplish his goal? Ignatieff has said that he would not form a coalition government to govern Canada but if the Harper government fails to keep the confidence of Parliament he would approach the Governor General and ask for a chance to form his own government with him at the helm.

Ignatieff may not need a coalition to form a government but he would need a coalition and the cooperation of both the Socialist NDP and the Separatist Bloc parties to have enough votes in the house to topple the government yet again. All this in the guise of democracy.

Ignatieff wants desperately to have Canadians believe that he is here to save us from the horrible tyranny of a Conservative government. Ignatieff would tell you that he is the only one who can lead us through turbulent times and keep us safe from those who would take away our democratic rights.

I have, over time, been a supporter of Liberal politics as well as New Democrats. I have campaigned for both of these parties and respected their leaders. I haven’t been able to do that for quite some time now. I can’t support, no matter what their platforms, politicians who put their own needs and that of their political party before the expressed wishes of the Canadian people. The people of Canada have spoken twice in recent elections. Perhaps they didn’t speak loud enough, but they did say “Let the Conservatives govern”.

Canadians are not a stupid people. The Conservatives, under Brian Mulroney, lead us down the garden path. They decimated the conservative party leaving the Liberals alone to rule for the next 13 years. It took great pains to get a conservative view back into the spectrum of politics in Canada and once again give us a sense of “Choice”. If the Canadian people give the conservatives a majority mandate so be it. If they receive another minority vote by the Canadian people that’s fine too. But in neither case would the people of Canada be saying “Mr. Ignatieff, please form a government and govern us”.

So Iggy, Jack and Gilles pay attention. Let the Canadian people decide and then follow their wishes. We are getting tired of going to the polls to satisfy your ego.

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