And the Winner is …..

April 30, 2011

The Federal election is just around the corner and things are heating up. Who would have thought (other that Jack) that the NDP would be a significant factor in who would live at 24 Sussex and who would live at Stornoway? The NDP have played a role in the past but not such a significant role.

The polls shows Jack Layton and his team still gaining strength and sprinting to the finish while Michael Ignatieff is dusting himself off and wondering where the truck came from. Steven Harper is wondering how many bullets Jack Layton has left in his political arsenal.

It will be interesting to see how the public opinion polls translate into votes and how the votes translate into seats. I think the Conservatives will remain the governing party unless Ignatieff and Layton try some outlandish, unethical tactics to deprive Canadians from their choice. Don’t look for this immediatly after the election. It would have to happen after another vote of nonconfidence or some other method to bring the house down. Lets hope it doesn’t happen but don’t be surprised if it does.

If the polls hold true it could have Jack Layton living in Stornoway. If we could get Jack’s wife to live in the same house it could save Canadians a ton of money (expense claims). They would feel at home right away of course…. it’s public housing. It would be refreshing to see Layton and his team as the official opposition although we could be heading a little further left than most Canadians will want to be.



Expect another Liberal leadership convention sometime soon. There is no way that the Liberals will want to go into another election with Iggy at the helm. It is time to get their game straight and be serious about who they crown as their leader. It doesn’t matter how brilliant they are, how rich they are or how worldly they are. If they are not accepted by the Canadian people and can not lead the party to a victory they are a road block to power and they all should have stayed home.


Gilles Duceppe has problems of his own. Bloc members have been encouraging Quebecers to vote for the NDP because they don’t see becoming a country happening any time soon. This could put the Bloc in the bleachers at the House of Commons, but then again they don’t have the interest of seeing Canada succeed. The fewer elected the better.



Stephen Harper and the Conservatives obviously have a lot of work to do. It does not seem that he has convinced Canadians to give him a majority government quite yet. He’s getting closer but I don’t think he will get the cigar this time around. The Conservatives have taken Canada through “The Great Recession”  relatively unscathed compared to the rest of the G8 and G20 countries. That’s quite a feat considering they were a minority government. It means they had to pay attention to all parties and negotiate their way through a lot of monetary issues.

OK. So who do I support and why. That’s easy. It’s more a case of who I don’t support. I can’t be a part of turning the reigns over to a person like Ignatieff. It is a personal thing. I can’t support someone who spends his life and taxes in another country and then comes back to Canada and says “Here I am, I will lead You”. And then doesn’t show up for work 70% of the time when you do give him a chance.

I can’t support the NDP (although I have in the past) as a federal government. I just don’t want to be that far left. I don’t want our military mothballed. I don’t want big government and big taxing. The NDP has been instrumental in inspiring some great social safety nets and programs for Canadians. Things like Health care, Canadian Pension Plan and Unemployment insurance. They have done this from positions of power, initially at the  provincial level and kudos to them. But I am not prepared to give the country over to them uncontrolled. There are some safety nets I just don’t consider a safety net. Some people are in the position they are in because they didn’t make wise choices when they could have.

So Monday when you head out to the polls, weather you vote Liberal, Conservative, NDP or Green. That is your right and I will respect it. I will support (sometimes complain about) what ever government the people of Canada decide upon. Just make sure you get out and VOTE. …. and Jack, I would like a tour of Stornoway.


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  • sandy says:

    I can’t believe the Liberals have this man as their leader! They would have had a much better chance with someone like Gerard Kennedy( at least he’s from the West) in the lead until they have Justin Trudeau groomed for the position – then watch out Conservatives. That will make for exciting politics – can’t wait.