Canadians spent 191.7  Billion dollars on Health Care in 2010 according to The Canadian Institute for Health Information. With a population of 34,436,000 that makes for a spending of  $5563.94 for every man woman and child in Canada. For a family of four that means a spending of over $22,000 in health care costs.

These figures might seem obnoxiously high but don’t start getting sick yet. consider this:

It is estimated that 16.1% of Canadians are under the age of 15 and did not pay into health care or pay income  tax. In 2010 33,4% of adult Canadians paid no income tax. That leaves 22,727,760 Canadians to foot the health care bill.This makes your share $8430.21 for every man woman and child, making the cost for a family of four around $33,720 per year.

While only $135.1 billion is in government spending and the remaining 56.6 billion came from private health care insurance and out of pocket spending that still leaves about  $3923 spend by government tax dollars for every man woman and child. But don’t forget that only just under 23,000,000 Canadians actually paid taxes so …….. Each TAX PAYER paid on average $5944 to ensure every man woman and child in Canada had access to Heath Care.

So the next time you are in a discussion about health care with neighbors, relatives and especially foreigners who aren’t privileged to have universal access to health care, please don’t refer to it as “Canada’s FREE Healthcare system”. Nothing is Free, especially healthcare. It’s all about how it’s paid for.

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