Politics vs. Reality

July 27, 2011

The clock is ticking, time has, for all intent and purpose, run out. The world watches as the ego and the vanity of America’s two political parties surpass their deficit and their debt. To them it is all about the election in 2012.

finacial crunchWhen the final bell tolls it won’t matter which plan American politicians didn’t use. The global economy, which every country on earth has fought diligently to save, that same economy that countries have poured trillions of dollars into will once again spiral out of control into the sewer of despair.

Already the markets are reacting. Stock are dropping and people’s financial future is evaporating. But that is not important to the decision makers in Washington. What is important is that neither the Republicans nor the Democrats blink first. It has come to the point in this game of chicken, where neither party can accommodate the other without loosing face as well as (as they perceive it) the 2012 election.

So what is the answer? The political pundits say there will be a last minute resolve to the crisis. Perhaps, but I have a sinking feeling that a last minute resolution to the stalemate just isn’t going to happen. It will be like when we woke up one morning back in 2005 and found New Orleans submerged in Sea water. They new the storm was coming, they new the devastation that would happen if the levees were breached and yet there here they were living through the "Worst case scenario". The difference between Katrina in 2005 and the Debt crisis/catastrophe facing the United states government now is that the Debt crisis/catastrophe is self inflicted and could have been avoided at many points.

So when the waves of despair hit, and the winds of devastation wreak their havoc on the financial markets, when unemployment again skyrockets and while the savings and pensions of people around the world evaporate, remember who brought it about. Remember the names of those involved. Remember the choices they made or didn’t make to serve their self interest and not yours. And when the election of 2012 finally rolls around may the Americans do something unprecedented anywhere. May they throw every current politician out on their ear and replace them with the challenger, no matter what  party flag they fly. A new gaggle of politicians in Washington couldn’t do any worse than the ones there now. Then maybe we will all feel a little better as we pick up the pieces of our financial lives and try again.

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