Affirmative Action ?

August 13, 2011

To many, Affirmative Action is the waysCanada_contour-flag and means of giving everybody in Canada an opportunity of being  elected to the House of Parliament in Ottawa, but has affirmative action gone too far?

It seems that according to the NDP in Maple Ridge British Columbia if you are not a woman, or a member of an under-represented group: “Persons of colour, gay/lesbian/bi/transgender people, youth, aboriginal peoples and persons with disabilities”, you need not apply to be a candidate for their party in the next election. What happened to electing the best qualified person for the job? What happened to supporting the best candidate or the candidate of your choice ? I guess the NDP doesn’t want to play by traditional Canadian political rules nor keep with the idea of one person one vote and would rather discriminate against an “old fit white guy”.

What if that “Old fit white guy”, was a veteran. What if he had been awarded peace time honours or awards? What if he had an IQ of 165, the principals of Tommy Douglas and the heart of Mother Teresa? Is he still banned because he is a “Fit white guy?

If we are going to allow the NDP to dictate who can run for office carrying their banner, then I think that it should be all inclusive in it’s affirmative action. I would like to see all Canadians, not just the smart and brilliant Canadians have an opportunity to  run for office as NDP candidates.

As you are probably aware 50% of Canadians have a below average intelligence. Only 50% of Canadians are considered above average when it comes to common sense and intelligence. That’s quite a significant number of Canadians who are not represented politically in Ottawa. I purpose that the New Democrats ensure that All their candidates have less than average intelligence and even less experience before being allowed to run for a seat in parliament. What do you say? ……….. oh …… you did? ……… last election ……….. oh ya ….. right …… how stupid of me!  See how well affirmative action works!

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