Occupy OttawaI guess by now everyone has heard of the “Occupy” movement that is circling the globe. It is hard to get a hard fast answer of what the demands are, how long they plan to occupy the various locations and what their ultimate goal is.

When it comes to the huge variance of wealth between the grotesquely rich and the common man I understand  the need for some kind of change. Corporations are not the culprits however. They create jobs and provide income to the masses. It is the owners of certain companies, along with those who find themselves with  20 million dollars, 40 million dollars, 100 million dollars and sometimes much more as an annual income and having done little or nothing for it.

What person is worth an income of this kind? How can a person rationalize to themselves that they are worthy of so much? Is there really any one person who is deserving of this kind of opulence? How did people allow it to get this way in the first place?

I think the exorbitant pay and benefits have been allowed to continue because everyone down deep in their heart believes that some day they too will join the ranks of the extremely wealthy. They don’t want a bunch of regulations standing in the way of their happiness when they get there.

It is said that if a “cap” were to be put on the amount a person earns or accumulates it would stifle the creativity of that person. But what about the creativity of the brilliant but less fortunate who are burdened with the task of surviving the day and don’t have the time to use their creativity? And if a person shows creativity only until he or she reaches the “cap” set as a maximum, then they weren’t in it for the good of anybody other than themselves.

Two people in particular (and there are more) who have used their talents and creativity in a positive way however are Bill Gates and Warren Buffet. These two financial giants recognize the fact that they have succeeded in their chosen fields, accumulated far more wealth than they or their families will ever be able to spend and so return huge portions of their wealth philanthropically to the very people who made them wealthy.

Celebrities, movie stars, singers, musicians, hockey players, football and basketball players, are any of these folks worth more than the doctor who heals you or the scientists seeking cures for our illnesses? Then why do we pay them so much? Why do some actors make more making one movie that ten regular people will make in a lifetime?

What used to be an evening out for a normal family, like a hockey game, is now only available to upper income people or corporations who buy up season tickets and write off the cost as an expense. It is just too much money for many blue collar workers to put out so they can take their family or even just their son to a hockey game.

So yes I think their is a need for some kind of reform. But that is not all that these “Occupiers” want. They want jobs, a healthy economy, no more war, an end to police brutality, longer spaghetti, cheaper drugs and lord knows what else. Each group has a different set of demands. They want to be able to take over city parks and set up tent cities. They want people to come and join them in protesting the very people we just elected to represent us. They want all debt to be forgiven, they want taxes abolished, they want the want they want they want.

The “Occupying” movement around the world now have the support of the Pope, Unions, Socialists, Nazis, Communists, Anarchists and the media. But a few thousand people singing and chanting and looking like a flashback to the sixties and seventies should not be mistaken for the majority. 99% my ass. Just because they say 99% doesn’t make them 99%. And when someone decides they want to represent me in any of my causes their name better be on a ballot. It’s called ‘D-E-M-O-C-R-A-C-Y”

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