Gun Control?

July 19, 2012

Here we go again. Another shooting spree in Toronto prompts Canadians everywhere to look for more gun control. What is it going to take for people to understand that gun control is not going to stop or even slow down episodes such as the one that happened at a Bar-B-Q in Toronto on the week-end.No_Weapons_Allowed

When the dust clears and the police have done their investigation you will find that the guns involved were illegal and that the event was sparked by gang activity. There will also be no evidence to indicate more gun control would have made a difference. What will be evident is that what should have been controlled is the people who were packing the guns in the first place.

It is unlikely that police were unacquainted with the two shooters. It is also unlikely that police were unfamiliar with others at the Bar-B-Q. The event is not a random act of violence by or on a totally innocent group of bystanders. In an early interview given by a local woman who had lived in the area for 14 years, she expressed fear when considering even letting her children go outside during daylight hours. She indicated that drugs and gang activity made her want to move from the area but financially she was unable to do so.

Who organized the BBQ? Who was in charge of the event and who were participating in the event? Is it likely that a responsible group from the housing complex would stage a BBQ in an area that is so prone to violence without taking the appropriate steps to ensure it was a safe event? Or was it organised by a lesser group who just wanted a place to party? And if the area is prone to gang violence what precautions were in place to ensure guns would not be brought to the event?

While the point of this article is not to find blame with the people who organized or attended the BBQ in Toronto’s East End, it is important to look at these questions before jumping up and down and blaming lax gun control for the event. It has been said many many times over and over.. “Guns don’t kill people …. People kill people”.

Gun control in Canada is so tight that only the bad guys and the police carry guns. The general population is unarmed and vulnerable to the wishes of the Bad Guys and under the protection of a police force who are not equipped to protect you but are geared to prosecute a person who might do violence on you. Not good enough.

In an ideal world nobody would have guns, but if that were the case the gangs would be wielding knives, machetes and other rudimentary weapons and the public would be banned from having those as well. But guns are available and the public should be allowed to have access to them at least to even the playing field. Thieves and robbers are a little more reluctant to break into a home where they suspect the occupant could be armed. They are less likely to try to mug a person at gun point if there is a chance that his victim may also be armed.

Canada has less murder with guns per capita than does the US. Do you really think it is because hand guns are controlled more in Canada? What about the difference in the Canadian Psych vs the American? This is where I believe you will find the reason behind Canada being a safer country than the US.

It is just the way Canadians think and act. It is not the norm for Canadians to act and react in these ways. It is something that is being learned from other countries and other people. Weather it is from TV, the movies, the internet or from gang activity it is something that has been introduced to our culture. It is not about guns.

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