CBC attacks Canadians

February 6, 2013

Canadian ehIt is uncertain at this time as to why the taxpayer funded “Canadian Broadcasting Corporation” is attacking Canadians at large but some taxpayers are getting disgruntled and upset over the matter.

On January 21st of this year the CBC ran an article that indicated that “Canadians” had been involved in a hostage taking in Algeria. In the report CBC is quick to accept and report that some of the attackers were in fact Canadians even though the report also stated “The militants had said during the four-day standoff that their band included people from Canada.” Clearly, not all “people from Canada” are Canadians.

Again, on February 5th of this year CBC in a hurry to get the story out claimed that:

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Cdn linked to bomb that killed Israelis in Bulgaria: probe

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This article was subsequently updated to read “Canadian dual-national” linked to the event. The article also clearly lets us know that the individual resides in Lebanon.

“Freedom of the Press”. How often have we heard that freedom of the press is a tantamount requirement to have and maintain a democracy? But what about “Honesty and accuracy of the Press”? Shouldn’t that also be seen as a fundamental requirement for a democracy as well?

It is becoming quite clear that the CBC is bent on jumping on stories involving, what they perceive as, Canadian involvement in terrorist related behavior in an attempt to paint all Canadians as possible terror suspects, thus diminishing the Canadian reputation that is held so high around the world. All this while being funded by the very people they are attacking.

The CBC is not alone in this endeavor. Other news agencies have followed the lead of the CBC and ran similar stories, so let me be clear about a few things:

Because a person carries a Canadian passport is not sufficient grounds to call him a Canadian. Being a Canadian does not require a passport. There are millions of Canadians at home, who have never left their home and thus have never needed or obtained a passport.

A passport is simply a document that is used to try to verify a person’s identity and allow the person to travel between countries. Canadian passports are a prized target of thieves and those that want to travel freely throughout the world.

In the diverse family that is Canadian, there are those who are Canadians of Convenience. These Canadians of Convenience are not to be confused with true Canadians. They are the ones who knowingly and intentionally seek out Canadian documentation and or citizenship to allow them to travel freely and enjoy the benefits of being a Canadian while also taking advantage of their native land as well. In many cases these “Canadians of Convenience gain access to social benefits from both countries.

There are also those who use their new found citizenship to continue to wage war back home or in places they could not reach as citizens of their former country. These are NOT Canadians. They are international criminals and should be treated as such.

And lastly there are those who are Canadian but don’t know how to act when in a foreign land. This group may or may not have been born in Canada. This group may or may not be a visible minority. Weather it is outrageous shopping practices or outrageous behavior on an aircraft, it is time that they started acting like Canadians.

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