It has been decades since Pierre Trudeau and the Liberals governed Canada. Some look back at the era with nostalgia while others look back with disdain. Which ever way you remember it, it was a time of political fervour that hasn’t been seen in Canada since.

On April 14th the Liberal party of Canada chose to overwhelmingly select the “Son” of the late Prime Minister as heir new leader. While suffering defeat after defeat by Steven Harper and the Conservative party the Liberals have wallowed in the muck of failure along with the less than desirable bunch of would be leaders they have selected to head the party.

So has the tide now changed? Is it their time? Is it time for a re-birth of the Liberal party with the son of Pierre Elliott Trudeau at it’s helm? Is it time for Steven Harper to fold his tent and relinquish power to the Liberals. Many say yes.


While the Liberals are captivated by the fresh face with the old promises, the rest of Canada is waiting with baited breath to hear something new and inspiring come from the new leader’s mouth. I am looking forward to see what the Liberals can come up with between now and the next election, which by the way is a long way off. Harper on the other side has just celebrated his 54th birthday and in my opinion will give up the reins of power to a younger leader before the Conservatives head into another election. Fight fire with fire.

If the Liberals are truly set on wrestling back power from the Tories they have to have more going for them than the son of Pierre Elliott Trudeau at their helm. But it is a good start.

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