So What about Syria

May 5, 2013


For over two years now, Syria has been in the midst of a gut retching civil war. On more than one occasion the rebels appeared to have victory in sight but just haven’t been able to deliver the knock out punch necessary to take control of the country.

Syrian president Assad has been vicious in repelling the rebels and maintaining control. Recently it has been reported that he has used chemical weapons against his own people. This is a line that president Obama has said can not be crossed. Well apparently it has been crossed. While Obama waits for indisputable proof that the Assad regime has crossed that line, perhaps he has other options already in play.

In the past three days Syria has been attacked twice by Israel. Is Israel conducting these raids at the behest of the US? It’s a strange coincident if they are not. Israel has yet to make a formal statement regarding the events but sources indicate it has to do with the Syrians delivering weapons and missiles to Lebanon’s Hezbollah. If this is true, why has here been no discussions, warnings or indications that this is taking place until now.

Everyone knows that Assad is a ruthless dictator who rules with an iron fist and keeps his people in line with fear. But who exactly are his opponents and what can we expect to see from them in coming years if they are victorious? The answer as to who that will be is easy. It will be The Muslim Brotherhood.


The Middle East is quickly seeing the future envisioned by the Muslim Brotherhood coming to fruition. Egypt was just the first country to have the Brotherhood in the leadership role but it won’t be the last. Their desire for an empire in the region may well come to pass in a very few years.

While a Fundamental Islamic Empire might be seen as a desirable thing for the Sunni Muslims of the area, there are other ethnic and religious sectors that do not share that joy. Of the twenty two million inhabitants of Syria 10% or approximately 2.1 million are Christians. Christians who live in fear now and are petrified to even think of what life has in store for them in the future.

Former French President Nicholas Sarkozy stated that their was ample room to absorb the Christians from Syria into Europe. This plan was soundly rejected.


When (not if) the Muslim Brotherhood comes to power in Syria what do we say to the Christians then? When there is no way out, no freedom of religion and new laws compelling them to assimilate or be obliterated. There have already been reports from reliable sources that ethnic and religious cleansing is a very strong possibility in the chaos that will be present once the civil war concludes.


As I said at the beginning, we all know that President Assad is not someone you would want running your country, but why is the west in particular the US and NATO so anxious to change the guard when we already know who the guard will be. Especially with the lives of over 2 million Christians on the line. Has anyone from NATO spoken to the christian element of syria to determine what their future will look like? Should we not be looking for a better, third choice?

Back in 2001 when the US was attacked on September 11th valiant efforts were made to convince the world that the West was not embarking on a Crusade, even if George W Bush referred to it as a crusade on more than 1 occasion. Well that train of thought is quickly moving out of the station. With wars having been conducted in two countries simultaneously and the possibility of becoming involved in yet more wars to combat “Word Jihadists” what else could you now call it. The Boston Bombings, during the marathon show how vulnerable the west is to this type of jihad.

Religion has been the route of wars through out history. What makes this generation think we are any different? It is only in recent years that Ireland has shook itself free of religious violence and is living in relative peace. So if this is indeed a religious war, at the least from the view point of the Fundamental Muslim extremists who are fighting a “Holy War”with us as their antagonists. Should we not get our heads out of the sand and look this unpleasant possibility in the eye and take the appropriate action? That action is not declaring war on over two billion adherents to Islam but to get the mainstream Islamic sold onside with the idea of bringing the extremists to justice and aiding the Middle East in moving to a more open and tolerant society. They are the key to settling things in the Middle East.

So here is the question: What should be done with Syria?

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