They’re at it Again.

May 18, 2013

It seems they never learn. Honesty is lacking and Greed is rampant in Ottawa. So what’s new you ask? Well it just seems so wide spread. Not the greed, we already knew that, but the capture.

Mike Duffy, who worked on Parliament Hill for decades reporting, at times, on these very issues. His is a complicated mess that leads right back to the PMO. He’s not sure just where he lives and how much is fair to charge the Canadian tax payers. Should he just charge the Conservative Party or maybe make a few extra coins by charging his campaigning as “Official Senatorial Duties”?


With the final check, a personal one mind you, being cut by someone as close to the Prime Minister’s Office as Nigel Wright it leaves the rest of us with a Taste in our mouths that says “your being fed #^€¥ with a capital S”

This along with the other two cronies Sen Mac Harb and Patrick Brazeau who are also having trouble answering the questions and it really starts to stink.


And then along comes Pamela Wallin. Another of the famous media personnel who so deservingly were rewarded with a plum appointment to the Senate …… For what exactly. She was a news person who at times had her own twist on the corruption that is rampant in Ottawa. And here she is with her head in the trough as well.


Well I for one have just about had it. These bunch of pocket filling,White collared, scum sucking parasites are the worst because they are leached onto the tax payer at behest of the people we elected, with an indefinite term. You just can’t find a better job than that. “Who needs a pension, morals or saving ….. “Iam a Canadian Senator. I don’t even have to be elected.” You can hear it being screamed from the upper house amid the laughter.

Well I say that it’s time to ditch the senate or elect the senate, but no more of this crap. I just can’t afford it and there is only one tax payer in Canada.

Ninety nine percent of Politicians in Canada give the rest a bad name.

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  • Carol says:

    In my opinion .. the only reason Pamela Wallen and Mike Duffy were appointed to the Senate .. was to be give them a salaried position from which they would campaign all year round for the Conservative Party.

    Senators are not governed under current campaign expense legislation .. and the Conservatives (and no doubt the other parties too) have used this loophole to spend more money campaigning on the taxpayer’s dime than our current campaign financing legislation allows.

    I’d like to see a forensic audit of the expenses of ALL of our MPs and Senators.

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