So What Went Wrong?

June 13, 2014

20140614-104430-38670873.jpgOne would think that after a decade of war in Iraq, starting with the search for “weapons of mass destruction” which was a failure, with the huge cost in blood and treasure that some form of stability would rain down upon the people of Iraq. Not so.

With the Americans barely out the door the country is being swept up and into a civil war the likes of which Iraq has never seen. All the money, all the time training the new Iraqi military is going down the drain before our eyes. The military, consisting of up to 500,000 troops is being toppled by a few thousand militants. How can this be one might ask, well the answer is quite simple. Fear and a lack of desire and determination.

The Iraqi people do not have the desire for democracy. They do not want to risk life and limb to achieve a democratic state. They do not want what the west wants. They want the old ways, the rulers, the Sheiks, the Sultans and the dictators. They wish to be led and fed and left alone.

I don’t know why people have such a hard time understanding that the Middle East does not want now and never has wanted the intervention of western countries including Europe who has been involved in the area for thousands of years and the US who’s interest in the area is actually control of oil in the region. If you believe anything else you have been duped.

From the city of Basra in the South to Bagdad in the North, Sunni extremists have been reeking havoc on the country in an attempt to bring the country under strict islamic law. ISIS, (Islamic State of Iraq and Siria) is known to be so hard lined, militant and violent that even Al Qaeda has tried to distance itself from them. The fear they instil in the military and the populous is evident. Few are ready to fight and risk all. Mosul and Tikrit have already fallen to these extremists and they are still on the offensive.

Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki sought to put new fire in his troops’ bellies in a meeting in Sammara, about 80 miles North of Bagdad and to rally new recruits to stop ISIS and push them from Iraq for good. This is exactly what he and his countrymen should be doing. They are the ones that should spearhead their fight to determine their own destiny and no one else.

The US is in a quandry. Iran has vowed to help Iraq defeat ISIS but Iran is an enemy of the US. Should they allow Iran to become involved, even if it means a complete merging of the two nations? Or should they send air strikes on their own in an attempt to assist in pushing back ISIS?

Well, I for one think it is time to leave the area to decide its own destiny. The consequences may not be pleasant for the area nor the West but at some point it must be done. The alternative is to retake the country (against the wishes of the Iraqis) and maintain a presence in Iraq strong enough to defend it for possibly the next 200 to 500 years. And then maybe just maybe the mindset of the Iraqis will have changed, although I think not.

Leave the area. The middle east will fight its way through this as they always have. Borders will change, leaders and dictators will come and they will go but they will all sell the oil to the west. Its the only way they can pay for their wars.

And when the oil is all gone and we have discovered alternative sources of energy the Middle east will be left with the sand and oasis they started with. After all oil is the reason we are there. The status of the women, the human rights issues and helping a developing county are all red hearings and propaganda to keep the voters in the western countries on board.


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