I am Canadian!

July 29, 2017

Let me start by first saying this “I didn’t vote for him”. I voted for the other guy or at least the Conservative candidate in my riding.

I thought then, as I do now, that Stephen Harper and the Conservatives did a pretty damn good job getting us through the financial crisis of 2008. That was a scary time. I am glad that we had them running the country and not the likes of the leadership the Liberal party presented us with in election after election.

Fast forward to Monday October 19, 2015. Canadians went to the polls and decided to change their government. The Harper government had been in power for a decade or more. There were scandals, a lack of transparency (as they call it these days) and the people, at least the majority of the people decided to give the Liberals a turn at governing with Justin Trudeau at the helm. The people have spoken.

South of the border, The Soap Opera of all Soap Operas began to take some unexpected turns. All of a sudden Donald Trump was proving to be a lot more difficult to push to the side. As a matter of fact, leadership hopefuls were falling like dominos. And then, the upset of the century when he is actually elected President of the USA.

I think most Canadians have now had the time to watch and see just who this Trump character really is. I know I have. It’s not funny any more. Trump treats his allies and friends no better than he treats his enemies. He demands loyalty yet returns non.Trump is NOT a good thing for Canada.

Back at home…… Justin Trudeau is doing his political thing and winning praise from leaders around the world. Do I still wish the Conservatives had won the election of 2015? Yes, I suppose I do. But they didn’t. The Liberals did.

Here is my stand today. I am still a conservative at heart but Justin Trudeau is MY Prime Minister and the Liberals are the governing party of the best country in the world. I may not be in favour of everything they do or the way they do it. But I will support my government. I will support it because the majority of Canadians want it that way and that is how democracy works …… isn’t it? Or did I miss something.

Right now, my government, your government …. our government is going to be facing some pretty hard negotiations with our big neighbour to the South. What they need right now is the support of all Canadians not just those who voted for them. After all they are representing all Canadians.

Let’s show our southern neighbour one more thing that makes us different from them. Lets Support our government and stand with them.

In another two or three years we will have our chance to campaign once again. But for now….. for now ….. He is my Prime Minister because I AM CANADIAN.

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