Writing has always appealed to me. I just could never find the time. I have the time now and still don’t write as much as I would like to. justme

The articles that I post here are not always from me. Occasionally I find or am sent something I find comical or deem worthy of letting others know about. If I re-post something that has an author, I will acknowledge that author.

The views here are my own and are not meant to offend or infuriate anyone. I am sure however that some articles will do just that to some people. To them I say, leave a comment. If I think your comment is in good taste I will publish it. If not ……. start you own blog. lol

Over the years I have lived in six of our ten provinces I have visited the remaining four provinces and 3 teritories.  I have lived in Europe and currently winter in the United States. I have tried to be a conservative, but always fall back to the liberal side for some reason. That is not to say that the left gets a free ride. On the contrary, I only support the left so far. I do have my right wing or conservative views as well …… so maybe I am more of an independent politically and socially. I don’t know…. we’ll see. You tell me.